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                   Catering from Hungry Joe's/Greek Kitchen
                                               By Lisa


Let us bring the Greek Kitchen to your home.
We are personal chefs who can create a Greek, American, and Mediterranean culinary experience complete with your favorite servers from the Greek Kitchen.

*Prices do not include delivery fee*
2-days minimum notice on all small orders
             PARTY TRAYS 



                        Dolmathes (stuffed grape leaves) 3-items  
                   Hummus w/pita  
                Basil pesto hummus w/pita  
               Feta and olive platter  
              Tzatziki w/pita  
              Chicken kabobs
            Greek meze (small plates)

          Chicken oreganato  
          Moussaka 1
        Pork tenderloin  
        Greek spaghetti & meatballs  


           Mixed vegetables el greco  
           Rice pilaf  
          Roasted potatoes  
          Party tray (serves 15 to 25)  


         Greek serving 18  


         Chocolate baklava

           Galatobouriko (semolina custard pastry)  
          Kourabiethes (greek wedding cookies)  

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cabbage rolls.jpg
3 skewer special.jpg
pork steak saganaki.jpg
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